Tangled Webs

Making Positive Life Changes Possible

Tangled Webs

Making Positive Life Changes Possible

Tangled Webs

Mission Statement and Goals

Tangled Webs mission is to promote positive Life skills, Education and Job skills training for disadvantaged women of all types and races that are willing to work hard, find inspiration and show dedication to finding peace within while improving the upward potential of their lives.

Tangled Webs will use open book accounting methods to show its funding, payroll and investments. As funding is available Tangled Webs investments shall include.

To subsidize employee income and purchase equipment for small businesses that provide a positive, non secluded work environment focused on job skill training and the further education of women that are enrolled in Tangled Webs after our board of directors has approved the small business through an open application process.

To promote donations to and subsidize an online degree education platform while providing a positive workspace for, and available time from job training schedules for enrolled women to leave our program with a 2 year degree and an opportunity for assistance with the funding of a four year degree.

To provide a peaceful and self enlightening temporary housing opportunity with pemanent staff for those in need of a little time to recenter and figure things out while also contracting affordable housing options for those enrolled in our program.

Tangled Webs internal growth will center around employing caring people that are focused on helping disadvantaged women find inner peace through openness and positivity while promoting higher education and skilled job training with a three-year goal for each enrolled disadvantaged woman to leave as a small business owner or with a skilled job placement

Our Services

As funding is available Tangled Webs will offer a range of job training/educational services including agricultural, construction, mechanical fabrication, custom automotive fabrication, upolstery and many more hands on opportunities along with an array of online degree courses. Check our services to see how we can help you feel confident your donation is doing the most good for its value.

About us

Tangled Webs inc. Is managed by a board of selectively picked people that have personal experience in the rougher aspets of life and have differing views and methods of moving forward in life. With a goal of balancing the hard work of self improvement with the compasion to help people accept without shame or anger the life that has been lived and is unchangeable, while invigorating passion for a peacefull, positive, self sustaining life moving forward.

Tangled Webs inc. carries the greater goal of helping disadvantaged women build self sustaining small business that will in turn hire disadvantaged woman creating an expanding network of business founded on positive work ethics and fairness to employees.

Rejuvenate someone's life.

Please stand against abuse and for those that need a step up to successfully get on a positive life track. donate directly or through services that you could provide.

Primary Sponsors:

CBD Wisconsin llc.